Central Coast Academy Girls Soccer Tryouts


Naming Conventions & Team Alignments

Central Coast Academy will "tier" all GIRLS top level (DPL) teams and have the naming convention of Central Coast Academy. In addition, all second tier GIRLS teams (CSL) will remaining ‘tiered’ within respective areas or local and have the naming convention of Central Coast Academy/ Kickers or Central Coast Academy/ SBSC respectively.

Coaching Assignments, Leagues & Level of Play

The coaching assignments are based on coaching strengths within specific age groups and level of play. The alignments of CCA across all levels of play will enable us to work ‘across teams’ and within ‘age groups’ to integrate (not all of the time) the group and club as a whole. It will allow us to match up players and promotion to make sure players receive appropriate challenges.

Coaching Assignments

Coaching assignments for 2009 to 2003 team announcement are completed (see below).

2009 CCA Willie Sims DPL
2009 CCA / SBSC Hans Diaz CSL Silver
2009 CCA / Kickers Ivan Becerra CSL Bronze
2008 CCA Paul Stumpf DPL
2008 CCA / Kickers Karlin Ladera CSL Silver
2008 CCA / SBSC Hans Diaz CSL Bronze
2007 CCA Fifi Baiden DPL
2007 CCA / SBSC Santiago Cortes CSL Bronze
2006 CCA Ziggy Ziegenhagen DPL
2006/07 CCA / Kickers Edwin Portillo CSL Silver
2005 CCA Waid Ibrahim DPL
2003/04 CCA Willie Sims DPL
2003/04 CCA / SBSC Ziggy Ziegenhagen CSL Gold / Premier