At Central Coast Academy (Lompoc), we believe in developing players to his or her full potential. Our goal is to help each athlete explore their love of the game from the recreational to professional levels of play.

Our Club has programs and resources to develop players (2017-2006 age groups) for the 2023-24 season at every level. We have playing opportunities whether you are interested in playing locally, high school, college, regionally, nationally, or professionally.

CCA’s competitive club team formation for boys and girls age groups will be conducted as open evaluations for ALL RETURNING & NEW PLAYERS (2017-2006 age groups) for the 2023-24 season within the teams existing practices during the months March to May (2017 to 2009) and April & May (2008 to 2006).

2023-24 Tryouts for all RETURNING & NEW Birth Years 

2009 & younger team details: 2008 & Older released in April 

Register HERE for evaluations. This is for ALL RETURNING (Lompoc-TFA) & NEW PLAYERS.

Evaluation Schedule: Click  HERE for BOYS & GIRLS Lompoc area.

Parent Meeting: TBD.

Coaching Assignments: Click HERE for CCA Lompoc Boys & Girls.

Member Benefits: Click HERE for English. Click HERE for Spanish.

Current Teams in CCA Lompoc:

Team   Age Division  Gender  League / Level  Coach 
CCA Lompoc  2015/ 2016  Boys  CSL Div 2 Ventura  Ulises Torres 
CCA Lompoc  2013/ 2014  Boys  CSL Div 3 SB/Ventura  Juan Duran 
CCA Lompoc  2012/ 2011  Boys  CSL Div 3 SB/Ventura  Genaro Orozco 
CCA Lompoc  2008/ 2009  Girls   CSL Div 2 SB/Central Coast  Robert Miranda 
CCA Lompoc  2006  Boys  CSL Championship North  Ulises Torres 


Note: Please allow 24-48 hours for administration to provide all registered players with dates, times, and locations pertaining to tryouts.  After completing registration online you will receive an email with directions as to the next steps.