The Central Coast Sports Foundation’s mission, as the parent organization to the Kickers Soccer Club, is to provide a healthy and competitive environment that inspires its athletes to develop as positive role models, citizens, students, and soccer athletes.


Style of Play

Our program style is unique to the game. The most obvious difference will be our trademark style of play. We concentrate on the fundamental skill of ball possession, versus the common “kick and run” soccer. While “Kick and Run” may produce more “wins” in an athlete’s younger years, it does little to prepare him/her for play at top competitive levels. We will always emphasize the importance of winning, however, from a coaching perspective, long term growth of the player comes first. Our style is a difficult, tedious approach, filled with highs and lows, but the results are worthwhile.



Why Choose the Kickers


01 Unique Teaching

We offer instruction to the serious player that provides every tool necessary to reach his/her potential in the sport of soccer. Our methodology is proven to provide athletes with the proper preparation for competition at the club, Olympic development, college level, and beyond.

02 Foundational Skills

We emphasize fundamental “correct body” and “thinking forms of skills” as the foundation from which athletes reach their potential in the sport of soccer. Once these skills are mastered, athletes are given the opportunity to execute what they’ve learned under the pressures of the game of soccer.


03 Development

The Kickers coaches and the culture we foster are committed to a proven process for developing all aspects of a successful soccer player. Younger ages focus on skills, fundamentals and most importantly having fun! As the athletes and teams becomes more serious, we challenge them to set individual and team goals, we teach game understanding and the mental and physical aspects of the game that set them apart.